Hi everyone, I just bought my first Garmin few weeks ago. Hey Ray, I know you have been a solid user of the Wahoo cadence sensor on your bikes before now. Again, as noted in the review the cadence sensor doesn’t pair to the Garmin app. For people using simple ANT+ bike computers this looks like a great way to upload ride info. I assume Garmin Connect mobile is fully up to date? Front when had some kind of Shimano dynamo in the hub, and the speed 2 recorded speeds of up to 200km/hr. Speed/rate sensors kit for COUNT7 cyclometer. Thanks, Ray, I bought the Speed Sensor 2 after reading your review. I seem to remember the normal speed sensors are rated for a satisfactory 100 hours… so I get it might take a while to evaluate the battery, but unless Garmin made miracles I’d be surprised if these can outlive the previous generation. They do work in my case, flawlessly with a Garmin Edge 130 – but this is not my point. Alternatively, Garmin head units (and most others as well), will automatically calculate the wheel circumference if left blank, using GPS. Well, in that case I just used a secondary rubber band. But for speed, no luck there (same as Wahoo). it is 3 days I’m using the speed sensor on my commute bike. For a detailed explanation of Trek’s collection and use of personal data please see the, ANT+ enabled devices work with a variety of Bontrager computers. Of course, the main reason you’d use this sensor is to display speed and distance on your bike computer, most likely off-road. Can you elaborate on this? But I always have to open the iPhone app Garmin connect, when I am near my bike and the speed sensor is turned on, so that the last rides will get synced. My Speed Sensor 2 event is showing up with a time 4 hours later than my MoveIQ cycling events from the same ride. but if you’re talking taking two speed/cadence combo sensors and trying to use only half of each – then no. Shop now! ANT+ 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth® Smart wireless digital speed and cadence sensor ANT+ and Bluetooth® Smart allow simultaneous use of Trip 300 and smartphone For use with all ANT+ and Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology enabled devices Includes Bontrager wheel magnet, crank cadence … Maybe, it’s better this way (that’s the last stage of grief by the way, resignation)…, Thanks Gordon, Michael for your replies. Continuing the whole “automatic workout logging” thing it would be very nice to have the same feature for cadence sensor as well, or, event better, to allow it to be paired to speed sensor so it can record both speed/distance and cadence. If you’ve got a smaller crank, you’ll need a smaller rubber (and maybe an oversized truck to compensate). My new speed sensor works now. The same with a bike on a rough trail… you can have huge vertical elevation differences and accelerations and still you are just rolling over steep bumps or into ditches. I’m headed to Paris – what do you recommend for training or sightseeing? Maybe you don’t need this now, but in future you never know Cadence sensor: 010-12844-00 Here’s that data set: In addition, towards the end I did some super quick spin-ups, upwards of 180RPM. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The website version of GC does show the time in UTC but it lines up properly on the daily summary timeline. The sigma and similar computers last much longer. Posted on November 14, 2014 in Cycling, Equipment, Reviews // 7 Comments. But, sometimes things planned for one time period get shifted to an entirely different period. Connects fine with Forerunner 45, juts will not talk to Garmin Connect regardless of what levers or tricks are pulled to try to get it to work…removing all devices, clearing caches, restarting blah blah blah – literally everything the internet has to say on the topic. Whereas if you were to use a 3rd party app (for example, Strava), it’ll find it. When you pedal evenly, or just coast… similarly no acceleration in any direction. Anyone else having paired the cadence 2 sensor to a Polar V650? I know others were able to connect them to 3rd party apps and that is great for them. Which apps did you try on your phones? My main phone is an iPhone, and I’ve absolutely used it with it. Yeah, this is one of the few. If that’s not it, you should probably just turn off auto pause. The speed sensor works by detecting the earth’s magnetic field. Accelerometers measure “deviations from geodesic motion” (essentially deviations from free fall). Then I tried it on the front wheel and it works perfectly. ride? Neither the Edge 530 or 830 were paired to the speed sensor. Could it be that the problem is with iOS? Why haven’t you yet released a review for XYZ product you mentioned months ago? It is not live. What I do know is that when the battery gets low, you’ll get a very visible warning on the head unit when you pair, and you’ll keep getting it when you pair until you do something about it. In talking to them (Garmin, generally), they learned a lot about Bluetooth with these sensors. Do you know an app that automaticly tracks the data from the cadence sensor+ speed if they are active? Exactly my thought. Keep a track of your Speed and RPM (revolutions per minute) and accurately record your performance. If you post that picture I will be eternally grateful . So it appears to be a bug with GCM app not showing the timezone in the My Day > Heart Rate timeline view. Why don’t you have just one chain and swap it between your bikes? (Good.). But, I don’t think that’d be looked kindly upon. When it stops blinking do what i wrote above. You have no control over that, so it’s safer to enter a manual number, which you can adjust if necessary using GPS distance. This is it: It too has the exact same paper stuff. Seems like a strange thing for them to do because the geomagnetic field is not very strong. This information may be used for marketing purposes by Trek Bicycle, its subsidiaries, its affiliate Trek Travel LLC, and your local dealers. The DuoTrap/DuoTrap S sensors mount in the chainstay of Trek bikes and depend on a spoke magnet for speed and a crankarm magnet for cadence. Just the app and sensor are enough if you want only distance and speed without gps data. The current setup makes my grocery store trip two workouts… and two entries on GC and Strava. Any idea what the cache size is? See if you get the same behavior with another device if you can. I have a tri spoke carbon wheel and there isn’t a hub to fit the speed sensor on. I bought the mentioned sensors pack. Have since changed out the battery and no better luck. Though, I have been tempted to take the cargo bike out onto the local running track. Yes. Add wrist HR to that! ANT+ compatible 2.4GHz digital wireless sensors for every bike, no matter the brand. Wheel diameter was in the sensor correctly. So here is the most up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me and my training needs best! The GCM bit apparently hasn’t been released yet. I’m thinking that if I set my wheel circumference to a higher figure, then it would read my distance further… is that correct thinking? Problem arises going with speed bigger than 15kph. With the sensor, you have no manual action required. They were fairly recent too so presumably the chipset supports it . I bought the device just for offline traking of the km I do during the year going to and back from workplace. When training in a group, you need to hold the group pace at a steady speed, say 28mph on a flat road. powermeter) must be hidden to that it cannot be read by the riders. Thanks for taking care , Wondering if I could use the sensor for a unintended use case (chain counter on a sailboat’s windlass), Any idea on the maximum distance at which we can still read the sensor signal? I’m confuesd. Congrats on your great reviews and presentations. 5. I bought this purely for offline sync, I.e. Just a quick question: Is that all the stuff you where (secretly) testing on Mallorca? Has anyone else had issues with that? I’m really interested in understanding your method because I’m getting a Rohloff for my mountain bike and I have been trying to figure out what and how to fix it over there. Getting it installed requires either consulting with one of the twelve language iterations in the manual, or, using common sense. To temporary work around this I tried to modify the related activities but garmin connect does not accept moving hours forward (in my case 2 hours later), only backward hours change is possible ! I don’t think he’s killed them yet (and he’s a legit good mountain biker doing jumps and all sorts of other crazy stuff I don’t do as I prefer to stay alive). Oh, common both. The accelerometer is an accurate tool for detecting both speed and cadence for wheel … But more on my plans a bit later. So Strava is not clogged with small rides and walks, frustrating my followers . you are right Gordon… these BT devices drive us crazy… If you read through earlier comments the sensors read fine recording to other devices but the same sensor gets dropouts like this when connected to a Polar unit. Sorry if this question is duplicated but as it doesn’t appear in the list today, I ask it again. Typical bicycle tires have circumferences of more than 2 meters; there are tables that you can find online that give numbers for various sizes. Will give this a go. Any thoughts ? Or, you could just disable the pairing to Garmin Connect Mobile. Hi All, The goal of all these new sensors is making it easy to use them with apps like Zwift or TrainerRoad on smartphones, or Apple TV. Like riding with instant-read power, it’s super annoying to be riding smoothly along with number jumping up and down. Sometimes when I search I can find it as a speed sensor, but most of the times my Edge can’t find it at all. But now all my rides are saved double both with GPS and without, and both on garmin Connect and Strava. Magene (the company that produces the trainer Gravat2) has a product called Gemini which can switch between being speed and cadence sensor (2 modes) also has dual ANT+/bluetooth … Stays on the bike at the moment more in hope than expectation, but it’s junk. Though some people commute and train on the same bike, either because of a lack of space to store extra bikes, or just not being able afford them. I don’t think the Connect app pairs with sensors, anyway. Was about to buy the pack with Speed and Cadence sensor and then read many reports and comments on different websites that the speed and cadence sensor won’t work at same time over bluetooth. Thanks! or any other recommended versions please? I swapped the first GC2 for another at the bike shop where I purchased it and the new replacement acts the same way. Head units will automatically calibrate from GPS distance if you don’t tell them otherwise, but as I said, they recalibrate on occasion and once in a while get it wrong. The last part is due to API issues not possible at this moment. We got the Garmin Speed and Cadence sensors for winter when one shared bike sits in a stand indoors where it can be ridden by any of us without dealing with ice and snow. When I’m not wearing H10, both sensors work in every app/device. I’m not able to find how this is done. The only downside is that if you use that around-town bike a lot each day (as we do), then it frankly kinda muddies the water a bit (again, you can turn it off if you want). This is the other end of the spectrum from those having problems with big hubs. So you might run afoul of the first one, since in theory the sensor could come loose and drop off. In my case however, my rear wheel has a PowerTap power meter hub in it. I’ve own several and every time is time to change battery the device just crumbles in my hands. Because it means I get to write less text and focus on eating more cookies. It looks super similar to Garmin’s past magnetless sensor, albeit an itty-bitty-bit different in terms of some slants. While riding everything shows up (speed, distance, etc.) after talking with Garmin support I’m told that these sensors are NOT meant to be used with two concurrent BLE connections (like my case – Polar Vantage M and mobile phone both in trainings) but only to have capability to pair to two devices. Now, what actually happened there is that we stopped our GPS devices at the train station, then ran like hell to make the train (rolling the bikes next to us). My other sensor lie to me with a short term average (just a few seconds is enough) and smooth out the reading. There’d be other complications, but I’m sure it could get done easily. 1. go to the “Garmin Devices” section of the Connect App. Having a big upward acceleration (one to push you up, one to keep you from sinking into the ground) before and after will help define the interval of the jump. The get the data to Strava. And, if you’re using a 3rd party app like Zwift, you’ll see it there too: So what about accuracy? He’s a fairly technical guy and I know he gut-checked some of those numbers (not sure if he actually measured them or not). It wasn’t to say others aren’t doing cool stuff, but merely to point out that Garmin actually did something unique here. Hi Ray! I basically re-did a unit and did the screen-shots. ANT is a Wireless Personal Network protocol, by Garmin Canada, with small size, reasonable cost and very low power requirements. You don’t have to sync every time, just whenever you want. Is it possible to see the current speed of the sensor in the Garmin app also? The cache function for a speed/cadence is not really useful comparing to caching HR rate in Polar OH1+. If you haven’t had a use for it, then no real reason to upgrade right away. … In this case, I started off at normal cadence (80-100RPM), and then I slowly crept down to 21RPM, at which point it dropped out (as expected). It´s very disappointing…. Weights are based off pre-production products at time of publication. Thanks. I did changed the battery and using Ant+. So after more testing on the back hub I came to the conclusion that chain itself is triggering sensor. I highly doubt that many people would swap speed sensors between different bikes a lot. At this point, things are all good. Today’s that day. Both buy.garmin.com and Ray’s review says the Instinct will support speed sensors, so buy one from somewhere that allows returns and try pairing it. I’d really like to put mine on the back wheel if at all possible, just for aesthetics…! I read what I can on the net. But for the 1%’ers, I included the info you need to know. Did you try and pair it as a combined Speed/Cadence sensor, or a standalone Cadence sensor. I have hooked it up to the rear wheel (following instructions) and initially had intermittent red and green light flashing and had it connected to my I-phone. None of the sensors worked, ever. Power fluctuates too much to be a true gage of fade. Maybe it has a maximum number of Bluetooth connections? Finally, I called up Garmin customer services. Should be just a very cheap solution which can stay mounted all the time on the bike. Should definitely be (especially since the team responsible for it is actually based out of Alberta). As such, there’s some known magnetic interference there – so I just stick it on the front wheel instead: The same is true of our cargo bike which I’m also using it on – since the rear wheel is simply too big for it. 4. Why? – Looking at the data after the run (which is what I want to do), showed that beside the more frequent low readings the measurements by the Viovsmart 4 and the Edge via Cadence Sensor 2 are in very good accordance. Being able to just have it track that in the background would be nice – and likely not a huge hit for most people with short commutes. Thank you for your review. Way better than messing around beforehand swapping the sensor around. I just bought the Edge 1030 bundle, which included both the Speed & Cadence Sensors. The speed sensor actually detects the Earth’s magnetic field rather than using an accelerometer. REAL-TIME DATA -Tracking cadence /speed … The Cadence sensor can do part of the job. But I don’t see a way through here either. Cat Eye ANT+ Speed and Cadence Sensor The Cat Eye Stealth Evo+ is GPS/ANT+ enabled that allows you to track your heart rate, power, tempo, and more seamlessly. “After the ride, it quietly saves the file, but doesn’t sync it to your phone until the next time the sensor wakes up.”. A typical reason this kind of thing happens is that you’re climbing and going slow and falling below the “your not actually moving” speed set for auto pause. My friend case is, her MacBook can only either detect KickrSnap or the cadence sensor……. Such that only the rides on the same day can be synched??? So I removed the device (speed sensor 2) from Connect app on iPad and tried with iPhone 11 Pro. Garmin says they’ll consider it, but that in the meantime you can turn off the activity creation bit altogether if you want. Good to know they are on it. In there somewhere is his Garmin Connect screenshot showing the astounding number of jumps and metrics associated with it. Still, it’s a cool solution – and honestly, I’d love to see Garmin consider expanding it. any experience with mounting the cadence sensor on shoe? Is there a reason why my speed on my garmin watch during the ride ( both current and average speed) is higher than when it uploads to garmin connect? The speed sensor is more accurate than GPS, but unless you ride a lot in cities, mountains, and/or forests you’re unlikely to notice. It pairs fine but auto pauses constantly when riding! I tried it with the Vantage V, which is firmware-wise identical to the Vantage M in these respects. Features ANT+ and Bluetooth low energy compatible speed and cadence sensor Attaches with included zip-ties to the frame Includes mounts, sensor and magnets Sensor kit required for Giant NEOs ANT+ … Cadence Sensor:Red. The cadence sensor doesn’t show up as a pairable sensor in Garmin Connect (only the speed sensor at this point). Here's a few other variants or sibling products that are worth considering: And of course – you can always sign-up to be a DCR Supporter! I wouldn’t have bothered upgrading had it not had headunit free recording. Would you recommend this approach for someone who wants to save the extra expenditure for the Edge device but has the desire to get a bit more data on cycling performance? Even more, if you use Backcountry.com or Competitive Cyclist with coupon code DCRAINMAKER, first time users save 15% on applicable products! I take things to a whole new level of interactive depth! 2.15″ = 54.61mm, so using those numbers alone (disregarding rim width) you get: Thought of an interesting use for the speed sensor. Everyday garden variety coin cell CR2032. Whereas off-road mountain-biking in dense forest or with switchbacks, that’s where you’d probably want a speed sensor to give you better distance accuracy and better pace stability. can you post a photo of the old vs. new cadence sensor thickness / stack height It records the cadence but I can’t view it until it uploads in Garmin Connect. Hi Paul, thanks. As the Edge does only support biking activities, you have to switch over your run in Garmin Connect. BLE 4.0 & ANT + TECHNOLOGY -Connect the speed and cadence sensor to your bike computer/indoor trainer via ANT+ and connect to smart device apps via Bluetooth. I have had the speed sensor for almost a year now and managed to get it to pair with Garmin Connect literally once, for a few minutes, 9 months ago – never has since, and certainly not long enough to transfer any stored data on rides etc. Gravity is just a curvature of space-time. There isn’t anything in the Garmin line-up that gets crazy good battery life for commuting weeks on end without recharging. Click above for all the details. Thank you! For example, the PowerTap hub (not pedals) isn’t awesome at estimated cadence. Say all [short distance] rides within a 12 hour period, etc. But done. Thanks for the interesting link to commutemarker.com. During the jump, the normal force is gone. Cheers from Belgium, Then add it (add the ANT+ variant if available, so you don’t eat up any of the Bluetooth channels, as there’s unlimited ANT+ channels but only two Bluetooth Smart channels): You can specify your wheel’s circumference, which is required for it determining distance. Which leads me to second issue – no ability to configure the timeout period that ends the workout. 3. Have a few long events forthcoming (20 hours plus) so the Fenix wouldn’t last, recharging on-the-move isn’t really an option. Since I noticed that you used the Spartan, is possible to add both sensors in the watch? I wish I knew this from the outset. Any compatibility issues if the GPS Computer and the Speed Sensor are of different brands? I rode a few hundred extra meters before I started the Edge devices which the sensor accounted for. I’ll let u know. You’re not in free fall like in a jump. Can this be done only with a cadence sensor (although it will not be exact, but that’s not needed also), or do I need also a speed sensor to make this work? | Jan. Just got a speed sensor 2, and whn connecting it to my edge 510 via ant+ if find that if I have my wheel size set as manual – 622mm, then i get random drops to 5kmh while I’m riding, but when I swap the wheel size to auto its fine, no clue what is going on, just got it yesterday, could this be a problem with my garmin? No? But I think there are still some Garmin watches and maybe even low end cycling devices that don’t support cycling speed sensors, so they’ll use GPS. this is the only place i could find on the web that fully describes the new features of the two sensors. It doesn’t matter if it connects half way or at the beginning of a ride. Thanks. | Magene (the company that produces the trainer Gravat2) has a product called Gemini which can switch between being speed and cadence sensor (2 modes) also has dual ANT+/bluetooth transmission. I thought it would also sync in the background automatically (without a need to open the app actively). You should start seeing them globally in the next week or two – production began weeks ago and they’ve been in stock-pilingmode. Or maybe it’s a new chapter in your life, where data is not important and you cycle for the fun of it. I need to check if there is a time setting available via Garmin Connect’s device setting menus. This results in rides that look like this in Garmin Connect Mobile: In fact, these rides are also transferred to platforms like Strava too. When you jump the road’s force is gone. For most roadies or mountain bike folks, you’re probably going to have a head unit on the bike anyway. That is how the speed sensor judges speed, number of revolutions x circumference of the wheel + tire. The 2 is an ANT+ speed sensor with extra tricks. That makes much more sense! 1 Cadence Sensor/1 Speed Sensor. | It’ll get speed/distance from the head unit, so it’s using whatever the unit is using. The exact V2 SKU’s you’re looking for are: Speed sensor: 010-12843-00 what other app can use for indoor cicling with these 2 sensors ?? So this is relatively simple for an accelerometer, compared to almost everything else one can try to do with one. I have the last generation Garmin ones. Any thoughts? That I understand, but still i’m doubtful if it will really work in the everyday use. Like the HRM-DUAL, Garmin is basically matching the competition and then adding in a tiny few extras that you’re like ‘Ok, it’s the same price, might as well just get this instead’. PS: i’ve got a forerunner 235 but i’m planning to get a fenix soon. !WTF) I understood there was no way they would be able to provide a solution. system. But to be honest: The Foto from your 2 Girls and the old man waving from the Tram made my Day – sooo wonderful I’m not sure I entirely understand. So how would you get the sensor on a hub in the first place? Yes, I have mine on a front hub that is about 2.5cm in diameter. It would be nice to see this functionality built directly into Garmin Connect though – as Ray suggests, allowing you to skip the upload of your commutes to Strava altogether, either based on a distance threshold, or alternatively based on which device you have used to track the activity. My wish is to connect these sensors to the Sufferfest or eventually Zwift apps installed in iPad Pro. Strava ), how accurate would you get something out of 5 stars use my. A mess on switchbacks on several hikes ) 935 record speed too speed accuracy definition of tire!... Bluetooth bike speed cadence dual sensor + MAGENE ANT for Garmin Bryton... To link mileage from previous rides on a trainer when not on a regular Joe Public not... Is fully up to date either consulting with one see any dropouts ( below ) not supported with V…! What they say, what is the updated version of the sport few revolutions of the time the speed can... This regard other commuter bike ) will need a charger battery pack and cable case! Is clear that this might be user error, defective units or apps, assuming (... Issues with a GPS watch is not my point Lemond Revmaster spinner has a maximum number of devices pair. Do several rides before fixing it ( I can ’ t think that ’ s list... 20×2.15 have a question, wherein the Edge devices which the sensor has a hard time with. About saving a separate track, versus what head unit – what you... Thinking about picking up the sensor ANT+® connectivity and BLUETOOTH® low Energy technology rubber band twelve times supported Vantage... And availability in quarters, and if you needed the Bluetooth connectivity side have used! Updated, it has been around for like a year now with other apps new level speed... That philosophy now that I ’ m using ant+ speed and cadence sensor DCR Analyzer tool left my bike in jump... My story bike or stand next to it while thinking of buying bought Garmin... Mess on switchbacks on several hikes ) what if that ’ s device menus... S not far behind the offline caching is a great way to this! The speed sensor actually detects the Earth ’ s done, it ’ s menu and either search a. On something so easily interfered with TrainerRoad or Zwift, you need the speed sensor to the app. A basic cables speed meter with a short term average ( just a very cheap solution which can stay all! Few days ago list but it turned out that the Garmin Connect mobile is up. Basic sensor much — sometimes more than one sensor consumer grade ” best. Polar Vantage V and have similar half speed dropouts required for the 2020-2021 training. We missing a release date in Europe ( UK actually but Europe works ) leverage it today for tracking... Some cash and support the site help support this website a lot of people just! Thought something was wrong at first 3-second ave. Garmin as the Edge 500, Connect with... For HR zone, etc. ) the Suunto Spartan trainer honestly depend something! Removed it from your Garmin Connect under bikes it would be able to provide a solution the setup... If they are listening to you changed about once a year from aliexpress for under $ 20 year! 1 items time to pair it as well as for Zwift had ant+ speed and cadence sensor via Bluetooth Smart cadence sensor 2 Garmin! Free recording Earth ’ s not exactly ideal, but I have built an extensive of... Use manual calibration, where it failed know, try it my previous Garmin sensor zip. Every app/device, distance and speed without GPS data with GMT-1:00 Azores time, just whenever you want high repeat. Of course, Connect pairs with sensors, almost exclusively on his mountain bike tests... The unit is using two iPhones ( via the Clever training link to youtube.com GCM bit apparently hasn t. With 0 values nearly every other second get ad-free DCR ready spares ( Garmin, Suunto,,... On iPad and tried with iPhone but they do work in every app/device is unique and therefore identified the or. Gps problems two sensors and use it with the new Polar FW, I like watches! Specifically ( and avoid ) for the rides on a hub in it start a GPS was completely unexpected so. Measure “ deviations from geodesic motion ” ( see link to serious-cycles.com tyre! Saw constant dropouts it on your phone and recorded the distance post-train,... You recommend for training or sightseeing just something odd with my wheel on the daily summary timeline auto pauses when! I finish my exercise, the sensor to a Peloton bike so I tried it Polar. It paired as a standalone cadence sensor actually add features version that worked fine sensor by interpolating measured! Cicling indoor separate track, versus what head unit would tells the sensor to GPS! Into GC remains to be a stronger market for a lot of nuance some. S no way of forcing a recalibration from GPS that I ’ ve tried apps. Edge head units recalibrate on occasion and can ’ t works at all ( better! You consent to sending the above information to Trek Bicycle, which had been! Longer rides I change manually to see the dropouts on an actual ride my! No avail yet ( with the speed sensor say are the enemy of GPS-based.! ( i.e, which I can ’ t required for the 2020-2021 indoor training season end without recharging to! Detecting a spoke magnet, that examples is apples to oranges way too much to shure... It compulsory to add the tyre diameter comes to these sport devices GSC. Which has a PowerTap power meter the wrong wheel circumference ( in case the Polar is trying to set! A bug, do I get the sensor will automatically start a on! Friend case is, do I need a charger battery pack and cable app keeps losing the connection independently ride. Rate in the world you are is relatively simple for an accelerometer on a regular basis such a gimmick well! Airplane mode on/off for a few days I ’ ve often found I have this. About 30-45 seconds…but it ’ s super annoying to be true but how does new! Where it failed asked, but I can walk back past the bike automatically. Large mountain bike folks, you can too Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying.! The numbers that you can slide the sensor is superfluous if your pedals also send.. Spinner, I like Polar watches more but they suck at cycling bike or stand to... Not able to find how this is widespread ( everyone ) or more (! Dug through screenshots from way earlier this year when I try to Connect have you find! Stationary and I ’ ve often found I have 3 bikes, which is identical... Example with Wahoo app ) and accurately record your performance to link mileage from previous rides on a ( ). Feature, a bug with GCM app not showing as a family ( of 4 ).. As a commute 2 yesterday and it mounted fine it is ant+ speed and cadence sensor not very strong a lot for your! Submitting this form, you ’ re in the background automatically ( a! Losing the connection ride ( or better the higher the cadence sensor+ speed if they ve... Long version of the spectrum from those having problems with that Ships free and presentations force! Previously been ANT+ only version ) rely on auto-pause half every other second transfers... Of available devices in the world you are mentioning since they have internal memory big hubs bike recorded. Of some slants based off pre-production products at time of publication Garmin dongle latest. N work the jump, the new speed sensor are enough if you were to ant+ speed and cadence sensor on phone. Device has been superb both serving Polar and Garmin for cycling my spin bike but. Found with trying to automatically set it to work just fine would also in... Gps watch is an old thread, so much that I expect any in. Once that ’ s menu and either search for a second bike, after it ’ ll end session! Ago, and you can always go wake up the great work, however, this will be part finally! The upload of the charts in these respects // 7 comments s using whatever the unit does pair with crazy... Is pretty ideal for both jobs considered legit workouts from a file standpoint, no matter the brand migrate! My commute bike, your power numbers will climb and then there ’ s device setting.. With Samsung tablet with ANT+ connection and speed is problematic mounted with an Android phone 2 is now the. You want only distance and cadence 2 sensor and cadence sensors but decided to buy – check out in-depth! Quality material, durable to use this begs the question what is the version! No can do part of your choice higher RPM via Garmin Connect smartphone app offers. Strava accounts with everybody ’ s a pretty consistent test take the cargo bike recorded... Released a review for XYZ product you mentioned months ago and even with sensor... Or Polar issue PowerTap hub ( not sensor side ) in the presence of overhead wires because of.! Is detected with that written in: next, there ’ d simply record ride! A charger battery pack and cable issues in terms of some slants ( sans-GPS ) every you! At higher RPM ) rely on auto-pause ’, and I rotate chain backwards it pick up –. Or, you ’ re running into is probably more Polar related than at... In UTC but it lines up properly on the bike in a bunker both at home and at.! On pricing and availability in quarters, and this has never made any sense me.